A tablespoon of one big mess!

I am Émilie and I live in Montréal, Canada. I use this tumblr to keep track of cool stuff I see on the interwebs and to directly upload pictures from my instagr.am. I love knitting and I sell my creations on Etsy. You can visit my shop and my tumblr page dedicated to my knitting projects. I am also in love with this guy.
Posts I Like

Chacha’s mean muggin’! #lolbaby

Chubby and loving it! #9weeksold #2monthsold #chubby

The best view. My newborn baby & her loving (& best) daddy. @knit_picks #knitpicks #yarnwithaview

The best view. My newborn and babydaddy. @knit_picks #knitpicks #knitwithaview

I got my babe a mobile! She loves it. #skiphop everything! #treetopfriends #babynursery

Happy bebe! #8weeksold today! I am so proud to be your mama.